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11 July 2018 Tools for 3D photos

I got me a 3D lens for my camera, with which I started experimenting real 3D photography.

To process my 3D pictures, I started developing some software, that will help me produce depthmaps, as explained here.

The aim: to easily produce 3D pictures views for the site, videos giving the impression of 3D viewing, and even lenticular printing, which allows to see 3D in real life without 3D googles...

Where I manually spent 4 or 5 hours to produce one single precise depthmap, it is just a matter of minutes to get a semi-automatically computed equivalent --- which I will have to retouch a little, though, nothing is perfect.

  • The first software is used to compute the camera lens parameters, to rectify the pairs of 3D pictures later before producing the depthmap
  • The second is used to semi-automatically produce the depthmaps
  • You can find the two software pieces on Github. They use complicated scientific calculus.

A few weeks ago, I organized an Artistic nudesArtistic nude photo seance in 3D! It will be published soon, when I have post-produced the 3D pictures with a little help from my tools.

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