Artistic nude photo gallery in true fake 3D 18+ Artistic nude photo gallery in true fake 3D

Artistic nude photo gallery in true fake 3D You have already seen the artistic nude galleries on this site, but have you seen them in 3D? They were produced using the ''depthmap'' method. Topics  :   3D  Artistic  English  Gallery  Nude  Photo  Traduction disponible : Galerie photo de nus artistiques en vraie fausse 3D 

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Using the depthmap method to transform already existing virtual paintings, the 3D effect brings them more depth.

With or without 3D googles, (re)discover my artistic nudes with a different point of view!

See how to visualize several 3D photo formats.

Lean back (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The bookcase is still shaking!

Lean back 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The faded colours almost give an impression of black & white

Lean back 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Who wouldn't squinch watching this scene?

Lean back 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
''C'est une poupée qui fait non-non-non'' (French song)

To the corner (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Maybe she was punished?

To the corner 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Red/cyan conversion suits this photo well

To the corner 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
What did she do to end like this?

To the corner 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The corner is a central element here

In the valley (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The valley was so steep-sided that no light could get into it...

In the valley 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The low-angle shot exaggerates the impression of depth

In the valley 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
My eyes can't focus!

In the valley 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Too bad that the right side is so blurry, the algorithm didn't like it

Wild strawberries (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Who would expect to find wild strawberries here?

Wild strawberries 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The most difficult part was to guess the table & floor depth values

Wild strawberries 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
You have to squinch on the good parts of the photo...

Wild strawberries 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
It's almost a belly dancing video

On the look-out (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
What is she looking at?

On the look-out 3D (black and white anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The black & white versions is much better in 3D than the colour original

On the look-out 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The angle of view serves this 3D version well

On the look-out (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Like a boat, pitch & toss

Illuminated (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
In spite of the bright light, the ambiance of the photo is very soft

Illuminated 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This version is darker than the original

Illuminated 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The light coming from the background gives an impression of great depth

Illuminated 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The bed is like a turning tray offering the strangest meal

Sisyphus (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
As a punishment for his trickery, Sisyphus was made to endlessly roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, always rolling away from him before he reached the top

Sisyphus 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
I like the distorted look of the stairs

Sisyphus 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Let your eyes adjust slowly to the depth planes

Sisyphus 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The stairs angle spin strangely when animated

Pinup painting (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The reinforced shades, allied with the touches of painting, have transformed the original photo into an artistic nude painting, which you could almost hang in your sitting-room

Pinup (black and white anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The photo was converted to a painting to a 3D scene, but in black & white it looks like a photo!

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