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Artistic nudes photo gallery (black & white)

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Warning: Forbidden for minors.

Artistic nude is controversial in photography, like all depiction of nudity in general. Many only perceive a sexual aspect, thus missing the natural beauty of the model, or the photographer’s work.

I insist on the word artistic: I only see beauty, and let disgruntled people heating up alone.

Women are among the most ravishing creations of nature, so why not celebrating them in their birthday suit, in which they are the most beautiful?

« Remove the colours, only emotion remains » : let’s try to check if this statement is true by exploring this gallery of female artistic nude photos in black and white.

You have to know that digital photos can’t be shot directly in black and white: the photographer has to « think » in black and white when he pushes the trigger, then he has to convert it later from colour to shades of grey.

It can happen that a (good) photo in colour will also be good in black and white: one has to digitally re-develop it while thinking about the best rendering in black and white this time. The result can be completely different from the original colour photo.

Nikola - side (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonNikola - side (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonA nude pinup

Ups and downs - straight up (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonUps and downs - straight up (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonA dizzying view

Gala windowa (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonGala windowa (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThis back reminds me some paintings of Gala, Salvador Dali’s wife

Dive (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonDive (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThis face remaining in the dark gives a mysterious feeling to this photo

Prostrate (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonProstrate (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonI like the gradation of the skin color according to the lighting

Behind the scenes (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonBehind the scenes (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonOnce in a while I show what’s behind the scenes…

To the corner (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonTo the corner (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonMaybe she was punished?

Red chair (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonRed chair (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonA white mist over a yellow drapé on a red chair, but you can only imagine

Nikola - on her knees (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonNikola - on her knees (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonSo sweet

Inclined toward the wall (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonInclined toward the wall (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonI should try to be a wall sometimes

Lean back (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonLean back (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThe bookcase is still shaking!

What are you waiting for? (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonWhat are you waiting for? (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonTo whom is this question asked, the model or the photographer?

Nikola - lying (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonNikola - lying (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThe white of her skin

Encaged (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonEncaged (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonBecause she wanted to!

Relaxation (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonRelaxation (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThe rest will not be told...

Straight to heaven (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonStraight to heaven (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThis bust is standing proud!

The waiting (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonThe waiting (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonSoon, he will come soon...

Which door? (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonWhich door? (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonI wouldn’t know what to choose!

Out there in the night (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonOut there in the night (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonSome noise outside?

Which book to choose? (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonWhich book to choose? (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonHow I love literature in these conditions !

Doppelgänger (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonDoppelgänger (black and white) ©AbsurdePhotonA doppelgänger is usually, in German folklore, an evil look-alike of yourself