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AbsurdePhoton, photographer in the Paris area

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■ Non-introduction

Under the pseudonym AbsurdePhoton is hiding an autodidact, almost experienced amateur photographer.

  • By "almost", I mean there’s always something new to learn in photography

  • By "almost", I want you to understand that I try to stay humble, many photographers talk about themselves at the 3rd person on their internet site

  • By "almost", I am conscious that perfection does not exist, not for me, not for you --- but we can try to reach it!

  • "Autodidact" because I came to photography from drawing and computing. By trial and errors I am trying to succeed, or at least be far better than in the beginning

AbsurdePhoton, photographer in the Paris area

AbsurdePhoton, photographer in the Paris area

■ Try it, if you dare !

My penchant in photography has always been Portraitfemale portrait

I also love Artistic nudesartistic nudes, this is after all a more naked form of female portrait!

I know how to do many other things, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words:

  • First, Galleriesvisit the photo galleries for an overview

  • Trying to combine all my artistic sides, I am able to produce Paintingsvirtual paintings

  • The use of photomanipulation tools allows to unleash your imagination with PhotomanipulationPhotomontages

  • To show you I can shoot something else than female portraits, you can find photos of NatureNature: animals, plants, "macro" photos and astronomy (in other words, the very small and the infinitely large)

■ An air of mystery

Well no, my face is not really the one in this article’s photo!

The man really is Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer of the discovery of photography. This photo is the first intentional photographic portrait of a human, shot in 1839.

As for me, I like to be mysterious, particularly concerning my real identity and how I look. Only one photo of me exists on the entire internet, and I uploaded it myself. Of course I can’t tell you where...

Pose for me, so you can find out who I really am !