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Glamour photo gallery

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The word glamour comes, a little distorted, from scottish.
In photography, the meaning is more hollywoodian:

An attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing

Soizic Vincennes 05 ©AbsurdePhoton
Soizic Vincennes 05 ©AbsurdePhotonA real pinup !

Soizic Vincennes 07 ©AbsurdePhoton
Soizic Vincennes 07 ©AbsurdePhotonShe said, Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side – Lou Reed

Soizic Vincennes 08 ©AbsurdePhoton
Soizic Vincennes 08 ©AbsurdePhotonThis photo looks like a pinup painting

Soizic Vincennes 09 ©AbsurdePhoton
Soizic Vincennes 09 ©AbsurdePhotonWith this kind of argument, I couldn’t help but shoot her

Cisors ©AbsurdePhoton
Cisors ©AbsurdePhotonLegs like cisors

Prohibited way ©AbsurdePhoton
Prohibited way ©AbsurdePhotonAs red as a prohibition sign

Light and shade ©AbsurdePhoton
Light and shade ©AbsurdePhotonThese eyes are full of light and shade at the same time

Glamour on the rock ©AbsurdePhoton
Glamour on the rock ©AbsurdePhotonRed is a color that suits her well!

The Color Purple (Lying) ©AbsurdePhoton
The Color Purple (Lying) ©AbsurdePhotonA nice place to relax

Poo-poo-pee-doo ©AbsurdePhoton
Poo-poo-pee-doo ©AbsurdePhotonBeware Betty Boop, you got competition!

Dichotomy (Sexy) ©AbsurdePhoton
Dichotomy (Sexy) ©AbsurdePhotonStrangely sexy in spite of her harsh look

Glamour drapé ©AbsurdePhoton
Glamour drapé ©AbsurdePhotonA drapé so glamour, all in color(s)

Wired rainbow ©AbsurdePhoton
Wired rainbow ©AbsurdePhotonThe sun was playing with the little colored plastic rounds

Curve ©AbsurdePhoton
Curve ©AbsurdePhotonThis satin skin and this curve…

The color purple (Upright) ©AbsurdePhoton
The color purple (Upright) ©AbsurdePhotonGotta find a new position

Bohemian Rhapsody ©AbsurdePhoton
Bohemian Rhapsody ©AbsurdePhotonAs she was dancing, the strap suddenly fell

Inclined thought ©AbsurdePhoton
Inclined thought ©AbsurdePhotonYou stare first at her yes, then...

Caraco (Inspiration) ©AbsurdePhoton
Caraco (Inspiration) ©AbsurdePhotonInspiring

Shadow of Marilyn ©AbsurdePhoton
Shadow of Marilyn ©AbsurdePhotonIs this the ghost of Marilyn?

In-descent ©AbsurdePhoton
In-descent ©AbsurdePhotonHow far these beautiful legs could go?

Fabric (arms crossed) ©AbsurdePhoton
Fabric (arms crossed) ©AbsurdePhotonArms crossed

Mari-Anne-Lyn ©AbsurdePhoton
Mari-Anne-Lyn ©AbsurdePhotonPoo-poo-pee-doo, Anne-Marilyn or Marily-Anne?