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Artistic nudes photo gallery (colour)

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Warning: Forbidden for minors.

Artistic nude is controversial in photography, like all depiction of nudity in general. Many only perceive a sexual aspect, thus missing the natural beauty of the model, or the photographer’s work.

I insist on the word artistic: I only see beauty, and let disgruntled people heating up alone.

Women are among the most ravishing creations of nature, so why not celebrating them in their birthday suit, in which they are the most beautiful?

Lying pinup ©AbsurdePhoton
Lying pinup ©AbsurdePhotonColor and brightness contrasts

Doppelgänger ©AbsurdePhoton
Doppelgänger ©AbsurdePhotonA doppelgänger is usually, in German folklore, an evil look-alike of yourself

Red chair ©AbsurdePhoton
Red chair ©AbsurdePhotonA white mist over a yellow drapé on a red chair

Pre-angelic ©AbsurdePhoton
Pre-angelic ©AbsurdePhotonThe original photo before transorming her into an angel

To the river ©AbsurdePhoton
To the river ©AbsurdePhotonThe transparency of the veil contrasts with the shadow puppet effect

Divine light ©AbsurdePhoton
Divine light ©AbsurdePhotonThis beautiful angel will soon fly away in the divine light

Blue veil ©AbsurdePHoton
Blue veil ©AbsurdePHotonLike a TV screen for the nice evening news

Illuminated ©AbsurdePhoton
Illuminated ©AbsurdePhotonIn spite of the bright light, the ambiance of the photo is very soft

The last continent ©AbsurdePhoton
The last continent ©AbsurdePhotonAn unknown territory is showing on the horizon

Prostrate ©AbsurdePhoton
Prostrate ©AbsurdePhotonI like the gradation of the skin color according to the lighting

Sitting, thinking ©AbsurdePhoton
Sitting, thinking ©AbsurdePhotonThe angle between the leg & the shoulder gives her a slender look

Stairway to... ? ©AbsurdePhoton
Stairway to... ? ©AbsurdePhotonThese steps lead without doubt to heaven

Nonchalant ©AbsurdePhoton
Nonchalant ©AbsurdePhotonA relaxed pose in this beautiful red armchair

Innocent ©AbsurdePhoton
Innocent ©AbsurdePhotonShe never sleeps without her blankie

Sisyphus ©AbsurdePhoton
Sisyphus ©AbsurdePhotonAs a punishment for his trickery, Sisyphus was made to endlessly roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, always rolling away from him before he reached the top

Between sky and earth ©AbsurdePhoton
Between sky and earth ©AbsurdePhotonA lost continent under the blue sky

Luminous ©AbsurdePhoton
Luminous ©AbsurdePhotonThe bright light from the window show off to advantage this beautiful silhouette

Golden and Blue ©AbsurdePhoton
Golden and Blue ©AbsurdePhotonSome delicacy in this harsh world

Up and down ©AbsurdePhoton
Up and down ©AbsurdePhotonWhat is up must come down

Listen to my prayer ©AbsurdePhoton
Listen to my prayer ©AbsurdePhotonI must confess, she looks so innocent

Encaged ©AbsurdePhoton
Encaged ©AbsurdePhotonBecause she wanted to!

Gluteal area ©AbsurdePhoton
Gluteal area ©AbsurdePhotonSome sort of yin & yang, all in light and shades

Fly away ©AbsurdePhoton
Fly away ©AbsurdePhotonThis athletic woman could fly away the following moment...

Languid ©AbsurdePhoton
Languid ©AbsurdePhotonThe complementary colors highlight this beautiful creature

Wild strawberries ©AbsurdePhoton
Wild strawberries ©AbsurdePhotonWho would expect to find wild strawberries here?

Moonwalk (shadow) ©AbsurdePhoton
Moonwalk (shadow) ©AbsurdePhotonA hat on the head, the shadow puppet twirls around

In the valley ©AbsurdePhoton
In the valley ©AbsurdePhotonThe valley was so deeply encased, no light could reach it…

On the look-out ©AbsurdePhoton
On the look-out ©AbsurdePhotonWhat is she looking at?

Downfall ©AbsurdePhoton
Downfall ©AbsurdePhotonThis will be your downfall!