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Horrifying, ghastly, horrible.

The shots here are not retouched, the main work is about posture and makeup.
I really enjoy this kind of shooting, lots of laugh guaranteed!

The only retouching work is not really one: I force or saturate hues, darken, blacken.
You may remark that some pictures are reworked versions of others, for example in the Portraits gallery.

- Personal Jesus ©AbsurdePhoton -
An almost satanist representation

- Mari-Anne-Lyn (Demon) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The special processing of the colors & the dark areas give a demonic look to this unnatural Marilyn

- On the watch ©AbsurdePhoton -
This nutty clown is closely keeping a watch on her next prey

- Waking up surprise ©AbsurdePhoton -
Picture yourself opening a coffin, a beautful woman is inside, well preserved. Suddenly she opens her eyes...

- Mysterious mirror (Horror) ©AbsurdePhoton -
A darkened picture which deepens the eye-sockets, only showing the sclera

- Tied prisoner ©AbsurdePhoton -
She finally accepted her fate...

- Fantom-attic ©AbsurdePhoton -
An unhinged killer look

- Teddy-killer ©AbsurdePhoton -
I don't want to imagine what happened to the teddy owner, before she took it from him/her!