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When a photo becomes a painting...
Something that you can hang on your wall.

Would you like to be transformed into a work of art?
It is possible with the modern technics of photomanipulation.

Do you like it, does it ring a bell? Now you have the need to pose for AbsurdePhoton? Don’t wait !

(you will certainly recognize some pictures from other galleries)

Draped back (Pastel) ©AbsurdePhoton
Draped back (Pastel) ©AbsurdePhotonSoft colors for this beautiful draped back

Discovery (Cézanne) ©AbsurdePhoton
Discovery (Cézanne) ©AbsurdePhotonWarm shades for this face, repainted with Cézanne’s technics

Leaned (Illustroke) ©AbsurdePhoton
Leaned (Illustroke) ©AbsurdePhotonIntertwined wires recreate this view of the library

On the watch (Azo) ©AbsurdePhoton
On the watch (Azo) ©AbsurdePhotonColors become brilliant & also ’’drool’’ a little, that doesn’t make this clown less disturbing though

Sitting (dark Gruppé) ©AbsurdePhoton
Sitting (dark Gruppé) ©AbsurdePhotonThe original photo was very bright, this rendering darkens the scene, which becomes more mysterious

Naughty (Novel) ©AbsurdePhoton
Naughty (Novel) ©AbsurdePhotonHalf-engraving, half comics, blue fits her so well

Shower (Re-Acrylic) ©AbsurdePhoton
Shower (Re-Acrylic) ©AbsurdePhotonThe acrylic rendering simplifies the details, leaving only bright colors

Between sky and earth (Dark) ©AbsurdePhoton
Between sky and earth (Dark) ©AbsurdePhotonThe processing cuts out hard shadows on this silhouette, it produces a backlighting effect over a colored background

Mysterious mirror (Aqua) ©AbsurdePhoton
Mysterious mirror (Aqua) ©AbsurdePhotonThe watercolor splashes have greatly simplified the scene, deeply accentuate the shades

Illuminated (Glamour) ©AbsurdePhoton
Illuminated (Glamour) ©AbsurdePhotonThe difference with the original photo is subtle, the ’’glamour’’ side is accented by the warms colors

Pinup (Coniglietto) ©AbsurdePhoton
Pinup (Coniglietto) ©AbsurdePhotonThe reinforced shades, allied with the touches of painting, have transformed the original photo into an artistic nude painting, which you could almost hang in your sitting-room

Teasing (Heavy Azo) ©AbsurdePhoton
Teasing (Heavy Azo) ©AbsurdePhotonEven if the model was reworked in a subtle way, the background has become a fluid colored scribbling, enforcing the oil painting aspect

Prostrate (Acrylic) ©AbsurdePhoton
Prostrate (Acrylic) ©AbsurdePhotonThe simplification process have smoothed the hair, with red & yellow dominant colors for the whole picture