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Photomontage is a difficult exercise, because it needs:

  • one or several good photos from which the manipulations will be performed
  • good ideas
  • skills in photo manipulation and other graphical tools
  • a spark of madness necessary to show you the result!

For example : the vampire on the tomb was no vampire, not on the tomb, and the cemetary wasn’t photographed by night...

Supernatural encounter ©AbsurdePhotonSupernatural encounter ©AbsurdePhotonIs this a ghost, a pure energy being, or…?

Her best friend ©AbsurdePhotonHer best friend ©AbsurdePhotonIt’s so cute, let’s eat it (yes, French people are so disguting)

Quadruple ©AbsurdePhoton.pngQuadruple ©AbsurdePhoton.pngAbsurdePhoton multiplies models!

Entomophilous ©AbsurdePhotonEntomophilous ©AbsurdePhotonSeveral things are disturbing here, if you really think about it

Surrealist corpuscular fragmentation ©AbsurdePhotonSurrealist corpuscular fragmentation ©AbsurdePhotonA tribute to Salvador Dalí

Angelic ©AbsurdePhotonAngelic ©AbsurdePhotonI added wings to wrap this angelic body, gave a watercolor aspect to the picture to integrate them better

Selective colorization ©AbsurdePhotonSelective colorization ©AbsurdePhotonA perfect body, emphasized by the subtle colorization touch in the middle of grayness

Submarine enchantment ©AbsurdePhotonSubmarine enchantment ©AbsurdePhotonA millennial make-believe creature

Progressive hatching of a fantasy ©AbsurdePhotonProgressive hatching of a fantasy ©AbsurdePhotonYou only see what you desire the most in these magical fumes

Subatomic corporal decomposition ©AbsurdePhotonSubatomic corporal decomposition ©AbsurdePhotonThe first teleported artistic nude of the history of arts!

Subatomic calcification of remembrance ©AbsurdePhotonSubatomic calcification of remembrance ©AbsurdePhotonWhen the flesh is slowly replaced by the stone, to the heart…

Engraved forever ©AbsurdePhotonEngraved forever ©AbsurdePhotonThis is what happens when you engrave your love on a tree

Colourful oil stain ©AbsurdePhotonColourful oil stain ©AbsurdePhotonColourful oil stains are an inspiration for dreamers like me

Ice Queen ©AbsurdePhotonIce Queen ©AbsurdePhotonHer icy look will freeze you to the core

Léa in the mirror ©AbsurdePhotonLéa in the mirror ©AbsurdePhotonThe dream in grayness

Liberation of women ©AbsurdePhotonLiberation of women ©AbsurdePhotonWhat, me, a feminist?

Colorized thinker ©AbsurdePhotonColorized thinker ©AbsurdePhotonThis framed colorization emphasizes your desire

Incomplete thinker ©AbsurdePhotonIncomplete thinker ©AbsurdePhotonHard to make, and harder to undo

Framed pinup ©AbsurdePhotonFramed pinup ©AbsurdePhotonFramed virtual painting with complementary colors

First circle of hell ©AbsurdePhotonFirst circle of hell ©AbsurdePhotonWill you dare enter?

Revealed modesty ©AbsurdePhotonRevealed modesty ©AbsurdePhotonAnother kind of Joconda

Fragmentary recorporeal ©AbsurdePhotonFragmentary recorporeal ©AbsurdePhotonOld polaroids thrown on a virtual table

Submissive petrifaction ©AbsurdePhotonSubmissive petrifaction ©AbsurdePhotonPetrifaction of an innocent woman

Terminactress ©AbsurdePhotonTerminactress ©AbsurdePhotonDehumanization of Love

A damned soul descending endless stairs ©AbsurdePhotonA damned soul descending endless stairs ©AbsurdePhotonA hommage to Baudelaire

Lunar ©AbsurdePhotonLunar ©AbsurdePhotonThe hidden face of the Moon

Angelic ©AbsurdePhotonAngelic ©AbsurdePhotonI added wings to wrap this angelic body, gave a watercolor aspect to the picture to integrate them better

Draped back (fake-negative) ©AbsurdePhotonDraped back (fake-negative) ©AbsurdePhotonA beautiful draped back in ’’fake-negative’’

Scarlet vampire ©AbsurdePhotonScarlet vampire ©AbsurdePhotonA shift of colors over a negative image produces a vampire inspired by the film ’’30 Days of Night’’

Luci (vampire) ©AbsurdePhotonLuci (vampire) ©AbsurdePhotonThis cemetary is haunted by night by a cruel wampire with fiery eyes & sharp fangs

Mari-Anne-Lyn (Warhol) ©AbsurdePhotonMari-Anne-Lyn (Warhol) ©AbsurdePhotonWhat you learn about trying to recreate this Andy Warhol effect is the difficulty of harmoniously positionning the colored areas without repetitions

Pinup verre brisé ©AbsurdePhotonPinup verre brisé ©AbsurdePhotonThe broken glass gives a kaleidocopic look to this picture

Trouble-vision (Fake negative) ©AbsurdePhotonTrouble-vision (Fake negative) ©AbsurdePhotonSomething is ’’wrong’’ in this photo, I named this effect ’’fake-negative’’

Walking Dead ©AbsurdePhotonWalking Dead ©AbsurdePhotonPlaying with color shifts, mixed with a negative of the photo, I stumbled upon this horrific vision the ’’Walking Dead’’ comics would approve

Dichotomy (Old look) ©AbsurdePhotonDichotomy (Old look) ©AbsurdePhotonA black & white ‘’old’’ look