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AbsurdePhoton a suitable pseudonym for photography

Photography means working with light.

Light is composed of tiny particles --- but also electromagnetic waves for other physicists --- in fact nobody knows what exactly light is in the end.

So, light is composed of photons, which are at the same time particles AND waves, material AND immaterial.

Credo quia absurdum

- apocryphal citation usually credited to Tertullian.

Or : « I believe [it] because it is absurd ». Which is supposed to be admitted is out of reach of human reason, and in these conditions faith is the only possible resort.

Faith... not religious, not in my case. Rather, faith in what I’m doing, because I’m an autodidact in many subjects, including photography.

You need an enormous amount of imagination to depict these absurd particles that compose light, those absurd photons, the same that enable me to shoot photos, that I have to learn to control as much as possible.

■ Other centres of interest

There are many:

  • if you understood well, science is my cup of tea: what matter is made of, how the universe functions, which brings to watch the stars late at night and sometimes take pictures of them
  • high-level computing, an early passion, useful in my professional life. It’s interesting to know about it, especially when you want to set up an internet site
  • women and their beauty, the second part of Photongénique. The aim is to celebrate female beauty, and denounce all the cretinism following the trail (because I’m also grumpy)
  • drawing, I have a very "cartoony" style, but am unable to draw correctly a human being. This inability and my knowledge in computing combinated gave me the desire to try photography: I barely know about the "silver" period, and only tried the digital way when it became better
  • art in general : literature, paintings, etc. This adds to the rest, helping me build my own photographic vision and perception of beauty. If you listen too much to the imbued "artists", they give you lots of other (bad) reasons...
  • lastly, there are many other centres of interest, but they wouldn’t match the aim of this site... and I’m very picky about private life on the internet!