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Technical information about the site

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■ General characteristics of the site

The site Photongénique by AbsurdePhoton was entirely written trying to respect HTML and CSS norms :

  • great flexibility in appearance
  • responsive display : the window content is dynamically adapted to its size - try to reduce your window size !
  • uses the Spip Content Management System (CMS)
  • almost all the pages of the site can be shared on social networks, including the photos which are treated differently if possible
  • the articles can be formatted :
    • with the « printer » icon for simplified printing without the site layout
    • using the « PDF » icon allows to convert the articles in PDF format: you can save an interesting article, in order to read it later or print it in a much better layout, or send it via email to your friends

■ Site Compatibility

  • minimum resolution : smartphone-friendly
  • fonts : webfonts are supported by recent browsers, allowing to heavily customise the site. With browsers that don’t support them, fallback fonts will be used
  • tested with all widespread web browsers - including mobile phones, which display the site in an adaptive layout

■ RSS feeds

Follow the last news of the site with the RSS feeds !

Follow the last news of the site with the RSS feeds !

You can subscribe to these RSS feeds to follow the site news :

■ External ressources used

  • on the site, I mostly try to use my own photos, but I don’t have ones for all the situations. I am a Libre defender, so I use free of rights photos, under copyleft or Creative Commons licence or equivalent, identified with the symbol

  • it is not always possible to determine the rights of use for images found on the web, eventually used on this site. If a content upon which you have property is badly used by Photongénique, send me a message via the contact form to discuss the issue
  • animated flags icons : got from, but this site is now unavailable
  • Spip plugins used by Photongénique: all my thanks go to the authors! They are developed by the « community », people contributing on their own precious time. I am an open source defender!
  • PHP scripts :
    • the photo galleries are automatically generated by a heavily modified script by me, inspired by bolGallery
    • some image manipulation functions come from the excellent pel
  • fonts :
    • Kimberly Geswein produces cool fonts. I chose Sue Ellen Francisco for quotes
    • the Cadson Demak studio provided the menus font : Mitr
    • Vernon Adams made the Muli font that I use for titles
    • Open Sans was made by Steve Matteson. With this font, reading onscreen articles is easy
    • the bit messy font used for the slide titles is called CabinSketch, by Pablo Impallari