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Direct anaglyphic 3D photos

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Put your red and blue 3D glasses on to see the photos in this 3D gallery!

The method used here is a DIY thing: a cardboard tube, used over the lens, includes at the end two filters, cut out of anaglyphic glasses (red and blue).

The principle is so simple: by cutting out two very tiny circles, simulating human « eyes », sufficiently apart from each other, the light passes through them to the lens with on one side the red, and the other side the blue. The two beams combine on the camera sensor with a slight shift.

The difficulty is to calculate the apertures and the baseline gap considering one specific lens, and adjust the focal during the shooting, allowing to simulate the depth effect. Alas, a slight vignetting can’t be avoided.

The result is astounding, as you can see on the following three photos.

Red and blue filter template for anaglyphic 3D
Red and blue filter template for anaglyphic 3DThe red & blue filter template to put over the lens

Laurel leaves in direct anaglyphic 3D
Laurel leaves in direct anaglyphic 3DWith the suitable 3D spectacles, the leaves are really popping out of the frame

House roof in direct anaglyphic 3D
House roof in direct anaglyphic 3DThe leaves really seem to stand in front of the house

Trunks in direct anaglyphic 3D
Trunks in direct anaglyphic 3DThe tangle of trunks is well-rendered in 3D

I would like to test this method during an artistic nude shooting, maybe one day I can post the results on the site. Interested ? Use the Contact form to talk about it...