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Infrared photos

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To allow the light beams in the infrared range to reach a numeric camera sensor, you have to modify it: the manufacturers use a specific filter over the lens that prevent infrared light to reach it, for protection and avoiding side effects.

With a filter specifically designed to let only infrared beams pass, screwed onto the lens, you can shoot photos with strange tones.

Bulb (Infrared) ©AbsurdePhoton
Bulb (Infrared) ©AbsurdePhotonThe heat is concentrated in the incandescent bulb filament

House (Infrared) ©AbsurdePhoton
House (Infrared) ©AbsurdePhotonA shot of a landscape in summer light reveals the ’’hot spots’’ of this house

I would like to test this method during an artistic nude shooting, maybe one day I can post the results on the site. Interested ? Use the Contact form to talk about it...