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Virtual paintings photo gallery in true fake 3D

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Using the depthmap method to transform already existing virtual paintings, the 3D effect brings them more depth.

With or without 3D googles, (re)discover my virtual paintings with a different point of view!

See how to visualize several 3D photo formats.

- Between sky and earth painting (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
A lost continent under the blue sky

- Between sky and earth 3D painting (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This painting was given a Van Goghish look

- Between sky and earth 3D painting (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The colours are much better than in the red/cyan version

- Between sky and earth 3D painting (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Look how she's waddling!

- Pinup painting (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The reinforced shades, allied with the touches of painting, have transformed the original photo into an artistic nude painting, which you could almost hang in your sitting-room

- Pinup painting 3D (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The lighting is a bit weird in this version

- Pinup painting 3D (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The shapes of this pinup have been deliberately exaggerated

- Pinup painting 3D (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The perspective was a bit changed in this one

- Sisyphus painting (original) ©AbsurdePhoton -
As a punishment for his trickery, Sisyphus was made to endlessly roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, always rolling away from him before he reached the top

- Sisyphus 3D painting (colour anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The red/cyan conversion gave a greenish look to this photo

- Sisyphus 3D painting (cross-eyed anaglyph) ©AbsurdePhoton -
I love the simultaneous impression of painting/drawing/3D

- Sisyphus 3D painting (animated) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The stairs angle seems to dance a little