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Aliens - Rorschach gallery Some say they met aliens... Now it's your turn to see them, thanks to this Rorschach test. Topics  :   English  Gallery  Photo  Photomontage  Rorschach  Traduction disponible : Aliens - galerie Rorschach 

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They see aliens everywhere!

This gallery is part of the « Rorschach » series, photomontages by AbsurdePhoton.

© Fox
Mulder y croyait dur comme fer dans la série X-Files

Have you ever heard of those cranks, pretending they saw aliens, that aliens are real, they saw them, they were abducted and tortured in incredible experiments, and then were released back to Earth?

I double-dare you not to see some in this gallery!

Sitting alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The captain of the spaceship turned around, & stared at him for a moment...

Lying alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This one seems so real with his gelatinous skin & blind eyes

Alien Jesus (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
At the invader's mercy, the still dizzy prisoner thought for a moment he just had seen... Jesus!

Blue alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
One or two aliens? Symbiosis or grotesque deformity?

Alien Piglet (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Piglet, Winnie the Pooh's friend, just came back from his first intergalactic journey

The Guardian (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The head shape & big eyes make me think about the late Jack Kirby's drawings

Slimy alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
I couldn't help screaming if I stumbled upon this one

Alien toad (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This white haired batrachian doesn't seem that kind

Alien hippopotamus (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
He's so cute, the only thing that bothers me is that you can see the internal organs through his body

Alien insect (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Instinctively, I wouldn't trust this insectoid alien

Alien samurai (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Is that a mask, a shell or his real face?

Alien ape (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This intergalactic baboon is without a doubt very advanced, he's appearing here through an hologram

Old alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
What would you do if you discovered she was waiting for you at the top of the stairs?

Alien yoga (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This alien seems so quiet & friendly

Hairstyled alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
What a strange hairstyle for this sullen E.T.

Alien incubator (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Is he really sitting on?

Psychedelic alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Bad trip alien

Quiet alien (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
I really can't explain this one!

Alien Elvis (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Dressed like Elvis Presley & his famous flared trousers

Alien jacuzzi (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
Even aliens have the right to relax a bit

Alien princess (Rorschach) ©AbsurdePhoton -
A medieval headdress for this alien princess...

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