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cartouche article photomontages de peintures de grands maitres

Photomontages of paintings by old masters

AbsurdePhoton’s nudes are subtly integrated into the works of the great masters of painting.

cartouche article pointillisme et impressionnisme

Pointillism and Impressionnism

Better than technique (oil), the style: AbsurdePhoton’s virtual paintings are adorned with stains and light brushstrokes reminiscent of Pointillism and Impressionism.

cartouche article peinture a lhuile en vrac

Oil Painting in Bulk

An anthology of virtual paintings simulating oil work, from existing photos, to transform them into real works of art.

cartouche article peinture a lhuile woa

Oil painting: WoA!

Oil paintings created with WoA!, a software that I am developing. This gallery gives you an overview of its possibilities.

cartouche article fusain


Charcoal is powder paint, which can be moistened to a greater or lesser extent before applying it to a canvas or paper. The less precise lines make my photos look a bit faded in this gallery.

cartouche article encre


In black and white or in color, ink drawings take on the aspect of an engraving or a comic strip. This brings a new artistic dimension when they are produced from my photos.

cartouche article crayons de couleur

Colored pencils

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids! The colors enliven the drawing, they bring luminosity, a clarity that comes close to that of the photos from which they come.

cartouche article crayonne

Pencil sketch

Much more difficult than it looks, pencil sketching is a monochromatic art form, suitable for drawings with lots of contrast. Admire the sketches in this gallery, created from my photos.

cartouche article acrylique


Acrylic paint is the modern version of oil paint. It is more suited to contemporary forms of art. Compare the difference in this gallery, which turns my photos into other works of art.

cartouche article aquarelle


AbsurdePhoton’s photos are sublimated by their transformation into watercolors, using painting and image manipulation software.

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