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Purchase a photo: Fine Art Print or License/Rights

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Purchase a Fine Art Print of a photograph

You can purchase a photo print of the photographs by AbsurdePhoton presented in his Photos Galleries.

These paper prints have a Work of Art status (Œuvre d’Art in French), in accordance with the French legislation: article 98A of the General Tax Code (see point II.7).

Buy your print now! Copies are limited and numbered.

Use the contact form below to let me know your intention to purchase. We can discuss the format of the photo, the quality of the print, and of course the price to pay.

Purchase of a license or rights for a photograph

Do you want to use one of my photographs on the internet, for a paper publication, an advertisement, ...?

We can negotiate a use license, or even an acquisition of rights, exclusive or not.

Use the contact form below to tell me about your project, to which I will try to respond in the most appropriate way. The amount payable will be calculated based on the options.

Contact form

Click here to indicate your photo styles

Tick your preferred styles, you can find the details here

Artistic nude
Anonymous (face hidden, in lingerie or nu style)
Others (indicate them in your message)

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Paris area, France

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