Fake anaglyphic 3D photos Fake anaglyphic 3D photos

Fake anaglyphic 3D photos How to give a 3D effect to a photo that was not planned for that? The anaglyph method allows to rediscover the third dimension. Topics  :   3D  Experiment  Gallery  Infography  Photo  Photomontage  Technique  Virtual  Traduction disponible : Photos en fausse 3D anaglyphique 

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Put your red and cyan 3D glasses on to see the photos in this 3D gallery!

The photos here were not taken in 3D: by reworking them adequately, I (re)created the illusion of depth.

[ EDIT - the method used here often gives results with bad, headache-inducing 3D, my skills have evolved since I found other ways to obtain real anaglyphic effects ]

Hanging (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The butterfly really seems to be behind the leaf

Croc-croc (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This quirrel is surrounded by intertwined branches - it came to munch something just over our heads

In-descent (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The perspective effect is accented by 3D

Sitting (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This beautiful woman with a slender body stands out against the rest of the photo

Piques 3D ©AbsurdePhoton -
The flower & the bud are well detached on the foreground (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton

Predator (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
An absolute predator jumps over intertwined branches

So what ? (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
This iguana stands out against the blurred background

The bread sings (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The foreground is hilighted by the overall blur

In the meadow (3D) ©AbsurdePhoton -
The lens distortion is accented by the 3D effect of the foreground (feet & grass)

Most of the 3D films these last years are, like here, reworked in "fake 3D", in post-production.

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