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Inks are colored... or not!

In black and white or in color, drawings take on the aspect of an engraving or a comic strip. This brings a new artistic dimension when they are produced from my photos.

The black and white in India ink give a lot of difficulties to the software that I develop (WoA!, for Work of Art, it is also an onomatopoeia expressing a good surprise): it is indeed necessary to find a balance between the density of strokes and the simplicity of the line. The opacity of the ink can play a big role too, as well as large flat areas.

For colors, « line » drawing is perfectly complemented with watercolors or colored pencils, or both together. The happy combination of black and white and color is well suited to a rendering of the comic strip type, or of old engraving as one could see in the newspapers and advertisements of the beginning of the 20th century.

Ink Drawing Gallery

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