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Photomontages of paintings by old masters

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Hide this breast that I cannot see!

I like Artistic Nude, in all forms, and I’m not the only one: almost all the great masters of painting have tried their hand at this difficult exercise at one time - some even made it their main subject.

Far from wanting to try to match these artists, I decided to push the raison d’être of my virtual paintings even further: by integrating them into major works using the magic of photomontage, while trying to respect the original painting. I present here new interpretations of famous artistic nudes paintings.

The difficulty is multiple: find among my nude photos those that would fit correctly in the painting that I have chosen to modify, then play on the colors, the grain , the lighting, while subtly retouching the original painting so that only the subject I chose to represent remains.

Each new work of art therefore required many hours of effort.

If the result has convinced you, you can try the experience of posing for AbsurdePhoton: perhaps one of your photos could inspire me, to become a beautiful painting?

Gallery of photomontages of paintings by old masters

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