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Portrait: Soizig and Jeshina

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Soizig ( France, Paris area ) - Galleries

Dive deep into her luminous green eyes

Jeshina ( Haiti ) - Galleries

Her large smile is infectious

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They could almost be sisters... Admire these two young women full of life and humor.

They form a team of chic and shock: not very shy in front of the lens (one a little less than the other), they know how to make themselves sometimes tender, sometimes delirious, playful, then accomplices to end up in... how to explain , mmmh... some messy scene.

In the rays of the setting sun of this beautiful day of the end of summer in the gardens of the Château de Vincennes, come and admire Soizig and Jeshina.

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There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.