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Who is AbsurdePhoton ?

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Non-introduction of AbsurdePhoton

Only known portrait of photographer AbsurdePhoton, taken in Paris in 1839
Only known portrait of photographer AbsurdePhoton, taken in Paris in 1839

The pseudonym AbsurdePhoton hides a self-taught amateur photographer.

Let one thing be clear: sometimes an « amateur » could almost become « Pro ».

AbsurdePhoton an appropriate pseudonym for photography

The base of photography is working with light.

Light is made up of small particles --- but they are also waves for some physicists --- no one knows exactly what they are , in fact.
Light is therefore composed of photons, which are at the same time particles and waves --- material and immaterial.

Credo quia absurdum

 Apocryphal quote often attributed to Tertullian.

Or: "I believe [it] because it’s absurd". What is supposed to be admitted is not within the reach of human reason, and under these conditions faith constitutes the only possible recourse.

Faith... not in the religious sense, not in my case. Rather faith in what I do, because I am self-taught on a lot of subjects, including photography.

It takes a hell of a lot of imagination to imagine these absurd particles that make up light, these absurd photons, the very ones that allow me to take pictures and that I have to learn to tame at best.

Aristotle’s physics is based on the search for the properties of bodies isolated. With Descartes, physics became the search for relations between the bodies supposed to fill a unique space, condition of their interactions. With their absurd photon, the scientists returned to the individuated vision. It was a childish return to fantasies of Aristotle. They had attributed to this purely imaginary corpuscle absolute virtues like its speed.

 Contra Gemellus: a critical view of Thomism - Jean de Climont (formerly Gaspard de Uffhofen)

AbsurdePhoton is ’’almost’’ an aesthete

Aesthete the one who professes the cult of beauty, who loves beauty.

And it’s exactly my case in photography --- without reaching the pejorative sense of the term, however, because in this case I would lose the sense of reality --- after all photography is « only » a hobby for me, but it is essential because it allows me to express my artistic sense.

I am indeed looking for beauty through my photos, especially during meetings with the models. So I fill my eyes and my camera with light and curves, colors and shapes, and that brings me a certain accomplishment.

And when I develop the photos, I rediscover the « recorded » version, and that adds to the memories that I have in my mind. This pose reminds me of such a moment... Even after several years some photos still have this effect on me.

Other interests than Photography

There are plenty of them:

A touch of mystery

Speaking of privacy... Weeeellll no, my face is not the one in the photo in this article!

It is actually Robert Cornelius, a pioneer American inventor in photography. The photo you see is the first intentional portrait of a human via a photographic process, taken in 1839. The first « selfie » too, by the way.

As for me, I like to keep a mystery as to my true identity and appearance. Only one photo of me exists on the internet, and I myself put it there. Of course I won’t tell you where...

Pose for me, so you can find out who you’re really dealing with!

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I've never really had a hobby, unless you count art, which the IRS once told me I had to declare as a hobby since I hadn't made money with it.