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You want to pose for AbsurdePhoton ?

  • First, use the contact form to send me a message :

    Contactez-moi !
    • Be sure to verify your email address, it will be the only way to answer you back at the beginning

    • Please explain briefly for which type of photos you would like to model, and why
  • From this first contact will depend the rest, but you have to know I always try to meet the models before the first shooting
  • I suggest you read the advices for models before asking a question

Important details

Who ?

Visitez les galeries photos !

  • Women, butterflies and squirrels ! More seriously, I don’t take much pleasure in photographing men - sorry for you guys, but I know many photographers who will

  • Adults and minors with a written agreement from their parents or tutors, French laws are crystal clear about that

Where ?

AbsurdePhoton, photographe sur Paris et sa région - photo de grenouille © unknown, montage AbsurdePhoton

  • You are living in or transit through the Paris area

  • Outside of the Paris area, you will have to participate financially in my travel costs

  • In a studio, in an apartment, in nature, under water... the possibilities are endless

What price for a shooting ?

Un exemple de portfolio au format papier (montage © AbsurdePhoton)

  • Photography is a passion, I prefer trading : you pose and I give you back the best shots, for example for your book, and for my part I take pleasure in organizing and performing, and even sometimes experimenting

  • You want to be paid for modelling : I don’t have the habit of paying to shoot models, you have to be really special for that

  • A contract should be signed between the photographer and the model, even without a financial agreement

Respect for the person

  • I attach high importance to respect for the person. For a shooting running smoothly, there must rise a certain collusion between the photographer and the model - it begins with the first contact, so please be polite and clear from the beginning

  • Remember : if you want to be treated like a princess, act like a princess first

Un état bien dangereux: croire comprendre.

Paul Valéry
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