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You want to pose for AbsurdePhoton?

You were pleased by my GalleriesPhoto galleries, it gave you the desire to pose for me in a photo seance?

You are living in, or transit through the Paris area?

Now you can use the contact form to send me a message.

Contact form

Contactez-moi !
  • Be sure to verify your email address, it will be the only way for me to answer you back

  • Please explain briefly for which type of photos you would like to model, and why

  • I suggest you read the advices for models before asking a question

  • Outside of the Paris area, we will have to discuss this particular point

  • Respect for the person is very important to me. For a shooting taking place smoothly, there must rise a certain collusion between the photographer and the model - it begins with the first contact, so please be polite and clear from the beginning

I look forward to seeing you,

Artistically, AbsurdePhoton.

Click here to indicate your photo styles

Tick your preferred styles, you can find the details here

Artistic nude
Anonymous (face hidden, in lingerie or nu style)
Others (indicate them in your message)

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Topics  :   AbsurdePhoton  Contact  English  Model  Photographer  Session

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